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Alex Murphy

Level 4 Strength & Conditioning Coach, Personal Trainer and Nutritional Advisor from Colchester

Almost 10 years in the fitness industry working with clients for fat loss, muscle gain, strength and fitness. I've been fortunate enough to be part of some amazing transformations and continue to be inspired by what the human body is capable of if given the right environment.
Although my entrance in to the industry began 2012/13 working in a functional fitness gym helping provide Bootcamps, circuit training, Gym floor challenges, etc; I always had an interest in sport back even before my distance running days in school.
My journey took a deep dive down this path when I realised I was unhappy with my physique and willing to do whatever it took to transform. This unknowingly led to a fascination of what can be achieved by optimising methods and lifestyle factors outside of just the gym floor.

Years later after gaining experience working with local sports clubs, army squadrons and individuals looking to enhance their athletisism in a functional and free weight gym environment, I went to work at Bannatyne Health Club and qualified in teaching instructor led classes (Les Mills - Grit Series, Metafit, Spin, Aquacise), accompanied by running Bootcamps, Core classes, conditioning circuits, etc.

I also started working with clients one-to-one as a Personal Trainer developing workout regimes and nutritional programs revolving around the clients existing lifestyle factors.  

Although practicing what I preach has always been a part of my lifestyle, I was consistently observing clients on fat loss journeys that were the opposite end of the spectrum from my beginnings. This prompted a desire for deeper understanding of their starting point outside of just the literature. Here's where I began a more than year long self-experiment increasing my weight and body fat levels significantly from approx. 88kg to almost 120kg before returning back past my starting point to 83kg at 5.5% bodyfat (over 5 stone weight lost). This helped further increase my understanding of the process including physical and mental barriers clients face, providing an invaluable wealth of experience to aid those tackling these journeys.
I can honestly say i've experienced first hand what it takes to make drastic physique transformations in both myself and clients.
Scientifically backed principles are key, but individualisation is paramount.

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