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Personal Training in Colchester (1-2-1 or Virtual)

Personal Training sessions (60 mins) either one-to-one in my own Colchester private studio, or virtually via Zoom/WhatsApp video call working with the equipment you have available.

For those on a monthly plan, you will be provided with a bespoke training and nutrition plan, full on-going support, regular check-ins and receive full access to my fitness app including nutritious recipes, exercise video demonstrations, private community chats, on-line progress/stats tracking, etc.

We take the time to discuss your goals, assess strengths and weaknesses, address activity based on your weeks commitments, incorporate nutrition tailored to your dietary preferences & assess general lifestyle to compliment our goals then set a structure in place.

We touch base regularly to keep you accountable and incorporate any adaptations to prevent plateau. I'm at your side all the way ensuring you're not alone.

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1 x Session; no commitment or plans. Just train when you choose.


Monthly Direct Debit

1, 2 or 3+ sessions per week based on the calendar month; so if there's 5 weeks, you have 5 sessions!

2 month commitment required to begin; followed by rolling monthly instalments.

* Includes Full Consultation, Bespoke Training & Nutrition Plan, Progress tracking statistics, Habit coaching, Regular feedback, Access to Private Community Forums, Full On-going Support, Meal recipes, Exercise video demonstrations, periodic reviews, etc.

1 session per week 

£152 pcm (some months will include 5 sessions)

2 sessions per week

£282 pcm (as above)

3+ sessions per week

£390 pcm (as above)


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£30.00 (starts from)

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